Our Strategy

Our Strategy

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Case Management

Our Case Manager meets with each family once they move in. We carefully plan with every client to identify their needs and work with them until they find stable and affordable housing. We provide them with resources and information to help them in whatever they need.


Our Housing Advocate meets with each client once a week. In their meetings, they talk about housing applications, to job applications, to savings plans. Every client can apply to the available housing in the state. We have staff call different housing authorities and low income apartment owners requesting information and applications for clients. Once a client receives an application, it is their duty to fill and send it out with all the requested paperwork. Once a client receives an offer, we arrange with the client to be able send referrals for housing needs and guide them until they’re in stable housing.

Shelter & Daily Living

Our shelters accommodate multiple families at once. Each family has their own private room, with the size depending on the size of the family. We also provide each family with a private refrigerator where they can store their own food. Families share the common areas, such as the kitchen, living room, and the multiple bathrooms around the house.

We provide a safe and comfortable living environment where the resident families can eat, sleep, and relax. We pride ourselves in delivering a home like experience where each family member feels like they’re in a home rather than a shelter. Every resident is assigned a daily chore to maintain a healthy environment. One of which is that families get a turn to prepare a meal for all the residents in the house. We also have Residential Support staff on site 24/7 to address any issues that may arise.


Every client has different needs. We do referrals for; child care, basic needs, education, medical, job search, and housing. When it comes to job search and housing, we have a computer to create resumes and search for online housing applications.

What makes Casa Nueva Vida special? 

We have a completely bilingual staff. We have a staff that has been with us for many years and is completely committed to the belief that we can help stop homelessness one family at a time. We believe that with education, any family can pull themselves out of poverty and homelessness.

Throughout the years, our services and educational programs have truly made a difference in the lives of our residents. Since June of 1990, Casa Nueva Vida has had a 96% success rate in stabilizing well over 1,000 families and preventing further homelessness. The remaining 4% has gone to a different form of transitional living. With the help of our intense educational programs and support, approximately 19% of our resident mothers have pursued higher education at local colleges and another 18% of our families have become totally self-sufficient and independent of all forms of public assistance.