Children’s After School Educational Program

Children’s After School Educational Program


We believe strongly in the importance of education. Our goal is to open the children’s eyes at a young age to discover the wonders of learning. If kids at an older age stray away from this idea, we try to guide them back into the path of education for a better future. We believe every child is capable of greatness, no matter what their current situation is. We are open to provide guidance and act as a role model for these children during this vulnerable part of their lives. We strive to give a sense of community and strength at Casa Nueva Vida. We provide a feeling of safety and assure them that they are not alone.

Strengths and Weaknesses:

The kids grow a lot from when they first move in. They learn manners and boundaries, as well as what is expected from them in the house. In our Educational Program, we focus on teaching them right from wrong. It may seem hard to them because they have many different rules and authority figures in this house. Nonetheless, we believe every child has a purpose and we focus on maintaining their strengths and helping them conquer their weaknesses. Most kids move into the shelter with really low grades in school and within a couple of months, they manage to improve their grades substantially. We believe that our program is working because we give our all in helping the kids grow successfully with their academics and help them achieve their goals.

Our Help: 

The Educational Program could not happen if it wasn’t for our volunteers! We have a wide variety of help that we receive from high schools and colleges, as well as other organizations. One of our current ones is Boston College’s PULSE Program. PULSE sends up to ten volunteers a year to help out from October-May. Suffolk University has also started sending volunteers to help out with the children. High school students looking to fulfill community service hours also come on a weekly basis.

Program Schedule

Mondays – Fridays
  • From 4-6pm only children who need homework help or tutoring are allowed to come inside the playroom.
  • From 6-8pm, we offer a variety of classes and events throughout the week. Please see below for more information
  • From 5:30pm-6:30, we open the computer lab for adults who want to work on their resume, do housing search, or need the computer for other research purposes.
  • From 6:45pm-7:45pm, we offer ESOL lessons for our adult and teen residents.
  • From 6pm-7:30pm, we offer STEMB lessons for children ages 7 & up.
  • From 6pm-8pm, we offer Teen Time. This is a time for homework help, lessons, and a time for teens to have their own times.
  • From 5pm-6pm, we offer and encourage Arts & Crafts Time for children.
  • From 5pm-6pm, we offer Music Time in the Playroom.
  • From 5pm-8pm, we have free time or Movie Night