Computer Classes

Computer Classes

Computer Classes

Computer classes for adults are held both at Casa Nueva Vida Boston and the Lawrence site. The computer classes are a basic over view on how to properly manage and use a basic piece of computer hardware. The classes cover from turning on the computer to replacing the Hard Disk Drive. The classes are not only limited to hardware but covers a wide range of software such as Microsoft Office.

Computer Classes are also held for teens that collides with a Internet Security program which goes in detail to the threats and responsibility a teen may need to take to safely and securely surf the net.


The Internet is a very important tool.  These days, if you don’t know how to use the Internet, you’re severely hindered.  But it is also a floodgate for many dangerous and harmful influences such as, but not limited to, pornography, virus infections, encounters with strangers and predators, bullying, and so much more. The Youth Internet Security and Awareness Training is intended to help youth understand internet unsafe situations as well as to avoid any unknown law violation like Cyberbullying and Cyber-Harassment. To create a safer browsing environment and to accomplish our objective, we at Casa Nueva Vida offer the following training:


Adult Lab



The adult computer lab consists of learning the basic functions of the computer system from hardware to software.

This prepares our adult residents with the skills and knowledge of computers, which can help them in a brighter future and in future jobs.





Teen Lab



Our teen lab prepares teens with not only basic knowledge in computers but focuses on teaching teens the in and outs of surfing the net safely and securely.

Teens learn how to react when they are approached by online scams and or online predators. They also learn how to deal with online bullying to future prevent this in our youth.

Our Teen Lab is sponsored by the Comcast Foundation. Comcast made it possible to get our hands in the latest equipment in order to further prepare our teens to be safe and secure when online in the future. Thanks to the Comcast Foundation we have supplied our teens with the needed knowledge to tackle the world ahead with confidence.


Teaching Youth About Internet Safety
Staying Safe from Online Predators
Cyberbullying and Cyber-Harassment
Using Social Networks Safely
Understanding File Sharing Networks
Mobile Device Safety

TRAINING Resources

  • This is a site created by the Federal Trade Commission. It has information for parents as well as games and videos for kids and teens.
  • This site was created by the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. It has videos that are geared towards different age ranges, and also videos and information for parents.
  • WiredSafety: WiredSafety has lots of information about online safety that parents and educators can use.
  • Family Online Safety Institute: This website has a printable Family Online Safety Contract, as well as other tips and resources for parents.
  • Microsoft Safety & Security Center: Here you can find internet safety guidelines for children of different age ranges. These guidelines were created by The American Academy of Pediatricians along with Microsoft.

We also incorporate the following site to our Resource List

  • YouAreHere: This is a “virtual mall” created by the Federal Trade Commission that includes many online safety activities for kids and teens.
  • Here you can find games and videos for kids and teens.
  • This site was created by the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. It has videos that are geared towards different age ranges. You can also view many of these videos on NetSmartzKids or NSTeens (shown below).
  • NetSmartzKids: Here you can find internet safety games for children ages 5-10.
  • NSTeens: This is a NetSmartz site that is geared towards tweens and teens from ages 8-17.

For more information you can contact:

Emilio Ortiz, Computer Instructor
(617) 524-6332 ext. 202